Astronomy camps

Astro nomad life astronomy camps

AstroNomadLife takes pride in organising cost effective and highly interactive astronomy camps. The camps are designed to cater to people with nil experience in stargazing to experienced users joining us to take it to the next level of learning and expertise with an experienced team. All in all, the astronomy camp offers a great opportunity for everyone to learn something and take home great pictures, experiences and learnings form the camp.

Astronomy camps in India are still in their in-fancy stage. Many are organising it with not much of an idea or experience of what dark skies means. As a result they are not able to offer what ideally should be offered. The experienced team of AstroNomadLife knows exactly what needs to be offered and also understand what is missing in the market and has inculcated the same in our practice to ensure the participants gets a great learning experience.

When you participate in a camp with us, you not only get comfortable and luxury stays at off-beat locations but also you get your hands-on experience on verity of equipment. Different kind of telescopes, binoculars and eyepieces, cameras and other accessories which are available for use during the camp make your observation experience so much better that you don’t event realise you are a beginner in the field. This also proves to be a test ground where you can work on different equipment and understand which of these should be your first telescope or binocular as well.

In the camp you are not shown objects through the telescope. Rather you are taught how to point the telescope in the sky and also how to locate various deep space objects. Starting with the bright ones like Orion Nebula or Pleiades star cluster, you work your way up towards the fainter objects. During the process, you learn the parts of the telescopes, working principal and also find ways to point, align and observe several objects in the night sky. During the course of the program, you are given valuable handy tips as to how to learn and explore the night sky on your own.

One major aspects of astronomy camps in India should be indulging in discussion with the participants about the cosmos. Everybody has a question or two in their mind. They don’t know where to look for answers. These astronomy summer camps organised by AstroNomadLife have experts from different domains who can help you find answers to the questions. Many participant are coming to experience how the sky would look through a telescope as they are very keen on buying a telescope for themselves. They seldom have a model in mind but not sure if it suit their needs well. When they come to the camp, they want to understand if there is a better option available. Some have bought a new telescope but don’t know how to use them. They often find it difficult to see through their telescopes thinking they are doing something wrong, however most of the time they are the victim of overselling by the seller with false promises and expectations. A typical marketing gimmick which many of us fall for every day. When they bring their equipment here and we check the quality for them, it becomes clear that their expectations were way too high.

The idea behind an astronomy camp is to make people learn about the night sky, the culture of star party and most importantly to learn the usage of telescope. We ensure that for all the participants in our group, they achieve all three objectives listed above and a few more which will encourage them to recommend us to their family and friends. For astrophotography enthusiast, we offer a wide range of equipment for them to test and assess how easy or difficult the photography will be. They can test special cameras, filters and learn the tips and tricks of astrophotography, like guiding, polar alignment, exposure triangle etc. Also during the camp, they learn to process images taken on any night and start looking for their own astrophotography gear in the coming months. All participants get free consultation to buy equipment from us.

The Astronomy Camps in India are still in its early form, a lot need to be done in this field and while we are trying our best to offer the best services to our clients, we are also rewarded by returning clients or clients who have been referred which makes us believe that we are doing a good job which people are liking it. Hopefully we will see you in a camp soon.