Why us?

Why us?

It is very difficult to say or rather convince you “why us”. We had a hard time just listing out the difference we could offer that you can not find anywhere else in this world. We did come up with a few reasons but then its you who has to decide. Right?

I mean so what if we have been gazing stars for nearly a quarter of the century? The Earth has just completed about 26 rounds around the Sun. So what if we have been photographing the sky for over a decade? It was just 12 seasons of astrophotography and stargazing in India. So what if we have travelled across the length and breadth of the country and a handful of other countries to chase the stars from the dark skies? It was just over a lakh of KM travelled in car, bus, train, plane and ship to explore the beauty of cosmos and that was only in last few years. Travelling with all the right gears required, with the right information needed and with the right company you can expect and imagine.

Astro Nomad Life is not a company. It is just a way to live life. Astronomy was always an integral part of our life but with the modernisation of technology, we kind of drifted apart and many of us do not look at the sky at all. Astro Nomad Life is making an effort to bring you back to the same old way of admiring the night sky with your passion for travel and explore new places, we mix the fun and adventure involved in travel with a new passion of stargazing. Looking at the sky filled with thousands of stars, galaxies and nebulae through telescope, we offer you the opportunity to explore the sky as our ancestors have explored.

If any of the reasons seems valid enough for you to explore a new world with us, do get in touch.

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