Stargazing Places in India

Best stargazing places in India

Stargazing requires three things. Stars, Gazers and clear skies but the last one makes all the difference in experience.

Best stargazing place in India are limited, thanks to our vivid climate and over populated cities. Even then, there are plenty of places to offer good views of the sky and safe hospitable environment for the gazers. The last time we checked we needed the following at a place to enjoy good stargazing experience:

  • Dark skies
  • clear weather
  • Comfortable and safe stay for the participants including good warm food.
  • Decent equipment to look through
  • Experienced company to learn from or share the experience with.

AstroNomadLife camps checks all the above. However weather is dependent on local factors rest all can be checked in and ensure a great experience for all the participants. AstroNomadLife camps can be found in your city or around your city. Just browse our website and look for a campsite near you. Our most popular destinations for stargazing has been in the Himalayas just at the edge of the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. The place due to its restricted development has promised better night sky views. The stars really shine in the sky at this location. 

Although there are plenty of places in the Himalayas where one can go to stargaze, Ladakh, Zanskar and Spiti region are far better in terms of night sky observation than any other place in entire India. The fact that Ladakh has India’s highest astronomical observatory support the preferred destination for stargazing in the upper Himalayas. While Ladakh is accessible all year long due to the flights, the winters are extreme here and not for every one’s cup of tea when it comes to venturing out in the middle of the night at sub-zero temperatures. Spiti is accessible by road for most part of the year and hence it also offer opportunities for the brave hearted but the remoteness and wilderness of winter refrain many from even making an effort.

During the winter months, we look towards Rajasthan which offer exceptionally clear skies and welcoming temperatures. Raisar near Bikaner has been our destination to go in the past where we have been welcomed by clear skies. Other preferred locations are Mount Abu (an observatory is in place), Pushkar, Ranthambore, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Pali, Kumbalgarh etc which offer great sightseeing opportunities for the participants during the day while beautiful night sky unfolds as the Sun goes down. With different locations, there are different things to do during the day.

Jim Corbett is also an excellent area to locate stars through your telescopes. Located in the vicinity of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve and National park, the place offer plenty of commercial properties which can be used as an observation deck for your stargazing. We often organise camps there and people enjoy the star hopping at night while searching for tigers during the morning or evening safari.

In the west, Dandeli near Maharashtra – Goa border is an excellent choice of place for stargazing. The lush green valley with river and isolation offers peace and tranquility during the stay and night skies are great in this western ghat town. Yercurd,  located in Shevaroy hills offers great views of the cosmos. The other places in that area are Ooty, Ramacherry, etc. Ramnagar is another town around which the night sky blooms and have great opportunities for the enthusiasts to join us.

In short, any area on the outskirts of the town, having a simple accommodation option will offer a better change for night sky observation. A place called Tijara near Delhi has more foot fall than other places combine due to its proximities to the city and the convenience it offers.