leonid Meteor Shower

17-19 November 2023

Raisar, Bikaner, Rajasthan

Leonids from Bikaner

The cold pristine skies of Deserts in Rajasthan is awaiting your presence to witness the fast approaching Leonid Meteor Shower of 2023. The TWO night THREE day excursion will give you an opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted views of the meteors all over the sky in Horizon to Horizon sky visibility.

Leonid Meteor Shower occurs every year in the month of November with its peak on the morning of 18th November and it is caused by the debris of Comet Temple-Tuttle left behind during its 33 year orbit around the Sun. The last orbit was in 1998 and next one is expected to be around 2031. During the peak, one can witness up to 120 meteors per hour however the count is largely affected due to the light and air pollution for the observers and how well the eyes are adapted for such an observation in the dark.

The radiant lies in the constellation of Leo near the star Algeiba in the head of the Lion. One does not need any special equipments to observe the meteor shower.  The meteors appear to originate from the radiant but can be seen in any part of the sky.  We can observe more number of meteors by looking away from the radiant towards the Zenith rather than looking at the radiant.

During the two night of observation session, we will be carrying our telescopes for some Deep Space Objects observations and also astrophotography. The winter constellations like Leo, Taurus etc are all going to be visible through out the night. We are hopeful of two fun nights at one of our most visited and trusted locations.

Please read our COVID-19 Guidelines to understand how we are ensuring your safety while you enjoy the night sky.

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