Geminids Meteor Shower

December 12-14, 2023

raisar, Rajasthan

Raisar, Rajasthan

The best and most reliable of the major annual showers presently observable reaches its broad maximum on December 14th evening in India making the December 14 evening a better time to enjoy up to 80-120 meteors per hour. Rising just around the Sunset, the radiant will be above the sky for whole night making it easier to spot hundreds of meteors in the night. 

Geminids are often the most promising meteor showers of the year and in last decade, they have rarely disappointed the observer around the globe. With bright fireballs a common occurrence in Gemenids, the shows are spectacular and the experience is unparalleled to any other shower.

Geminids shower are caused due to the debris left behind by 3200 Phaethon (asteroid) during its regular visit to the inner solar system. The asteroid has an orbital period of 544 days and hence every 2 years, the Earth pass through the fresh load of debris left behind by the asteroid. Due to this reason, the meteor shower is one of the most sought after celestial event. Please go through the itinerary below to understand how the program will be carried out.

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Enquiry For Raisar, Bikaner

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