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Tijara, rajasthan

The planets are all looking neat and tidy in the morning hours before the Sunrise. It is now time to witness our celestial neighbours and hence enjoy the lovely views they offer through our telescopes and other equipments.

The first of the group will be Saturn, this Lord of the Ring is undoubtedly the most beautiful planet in the solar system. In fact it is the most beautiful planet in the entire universe. It is shortly followed by Mars and Jupiter, both appearing very near to each other in the sky. Jupiter is the giant mammoth of solar system while Mars is the closest to a home after Earth. Soon after the duo, another pair of planets will rise and this unusual pair is of Venus and Uranus. While Venus shows phases just like Moon, Uranus is visible as a little shiny green dot in amateur telescopes. Followed by this, the last planet of the day to rise, Mercury will be rising just before Sunrise. Neptune will be visible somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn. However difficult it may be, we will certainly try to locate.

To company us, we have Moon pretty much all night. This will be a complete Solar System Marathon for the participants and you are welcome to bring in your equipment to use or borrow one of ours to enjoy the views.

Meteors, Satellites, comets and asteroids may be seen during the night subjected to weather conditions and celestial ephemeris.

PS: We are in the middle of June and there are chances of clouds on the day of observation. Kindly check for weather forecast before starting. Any payment made will be refunded or adjusted if the program is canceled due to weather disturbance.

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