Chasing Eclipses

Eclipses are a very spectacular phenomena which can be seen here on the Earth and that’s too without any telescope. Eclipses occur when The Sun, The Moon and The Earth come all together in one line. Irrespective of their distance from each other, they happen to come in line twice and this special alignment causes one body to eclipse. Eclipses are special because they happen due to the fixed geometry of the the distance and size of The Sun and The Moon as seen from the Earth.

There are two kind of eclipses, Solar and Lunar. Both happen in pairs. Sometime, three eclipses happen back to back from different locations. Usually a solar eclipse is followed by a lunar eclipse or is sandwiched between the two. This is called one set. Two sets of eclipses occur every year spaced roughly about 6 months apart. This happens when the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Moons orbit around the Earth intersect. These points are called nodes. Some of the upcoming eclipses are, October 14, 2023 for Annular Solar Eclipse, October 28-29, 2023 for partial lunar eclipse and April 08, 2024 for Total Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses have been of great significance in the past and has been used from time to time to demonstrate the planetary sciences. In the early days, the powerful have been using the eclipses to suppress the common people who wear ignorant about the science behind the celestial marvels and hence been scared during the same. There are plenty of myths associated with observing eclipses however after seeing many eclipses in the past, we are certain they are beautiful and we shall observe the eclipse at least once in our life time. Needless to say these events are not to be missed by anyone and we are certain that once you get to see the eclipses yourself, you shall crave for more.

AstroNomads are gearing up for the upcoming eclipses in India and abroad. If you wish to join us for any of this, do lest us know. The eclipses will be observed from safe and sound location with best possible visual scenarios for observation and photography. 

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