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Chail near Shimla is an excellent location for a weekend getaway with excellent starry skies. The trademarks of the place are just outstanding and the beauty is second to none. At an elevation of 2,200 meters, Chail is colder than Shimla in winters due to its greenery and proximity to the Chail sanctuary. Our stop is going to be 6 Kms ahead of Chail town in a small hamlet called Challang. The small village is located on the Chail Kufri Road just ahead of town as you are coming from Kandaghat on Solan-Shimla highway. The state highway is well constructed and maintained even during winters

The place to stay is a luxury resort with almost all the amenities, great garden and lawns to enjoy the sunny afternoons, views of Shimla in North and snow clad peaks on the South, valley all around. The resort is located on the hill top and hence offers a 360 degree panoramic views of the mountain ranges around. The restaurant offers veg and non veg cuisine for lunch and dinner, breakfast can be Indian, English or American. Usually served buffet meals when there is rush, in calm and off season time, you can order your own dish as like.

The sky is bright and clear for most of the nights in the year unless monsoon arrives. November -April are generally clear with no sign of dew, fog or other weather phenomena to disturb our observation. The panoramic views from the resort offers seamless views of the objects in the sky and with cold temperatures in January ideal for astrophotography, Chail offers to every stargazer. The best part about the location is that the observation deck is just on top of the building you staying and you have the comfort to observe and enjoy a pleasant stay at the same time.

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