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Tijara, rajasthan

If you are looking for a nice cosy and comfortable weekend getaway within 150 km from Delhi and you also are in search for good skies near Delhi, look no further. We got you covered.

Tijara is a small town in the state of Rajasthan situated just at the border with Haryana. Bhiwadi is the closest town and Gurugram is the nearest metropolitan around. With the campsite located 7 km off the highway inside the village of Patan Kalan. The exquisite and lavish resort offers great amenities with beautiful skies within a short drivable distance from Delhi.

The sky has a good limiting magnitude of +5 which is considered to be excellent from a semi-urban skies. With more amenities and comfortable stay, the place is a paradise for amateur astronomers and students who wish to go out and explore the sky with limited time at hand. The place is located about 100 KM from Delhi, 80 KM from Gurgaon and about 100 KM from Alwar, making it a hot favourite destination for stargazing for groups and individuals.

The stay is in the Swiss tents which are required only for people who had a hectic morning or have to drive the next day back home. The food taste like home cooked with both vegetarian and non vegetarian options on the table. Midnight tea/coffee with fruit cake is refreshing and appreciated by many guests.

Please read our COVID-19 Guidelines to understand how we are ensuring your safety while you enjoy the night sky.

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