Astro-Retreat in Spiti


Spiti, a high altitude desert, located in trans-himalayans region in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is paradise of adventure travellers and astronomy enthusiasts. With Bortle class 1 skies all along, the place offers one of the best skies in India with majestic Himalayas all around. The average elevation of the district is 3300m of 11,825ft. 

The trip highlights:

  • High altitude desert ensures stable atmosphere for sharp images.
  • Isolated location hence darkest of skies available in India.
  • 6 nights of NightScapes, wide angle astrophotography, Astro (subject to clear skies).
  • Accommodation on all nights in best possible options in terms of comfort and sky conditions.*
  • Breakfast and Dinner along with Tea/Coffee with snacks in Morning, Evening and Night included.
  • Bortle Class 1 Skies.

*Accommodation in these remote places are usually arranged either at cheap motels or homestays. Finding either one in the peak season is a luxury. However the beauty of the place is unparalleled and you will be amazed by the beautiful vistas during the day and amazing night skies during the night.

*Meals would be a mix of Indian, local and fast food cuisine.

*The road to Spiti is adventurous to say the least. The twisty turns of Kinnaur, mighty Himalayas, and the change of vistas everyday gives the travellers a never forgetting experiences. The way to reach Spiti is by road. There are no airports in Spiti Valley. The adventurous ones can drive to Spiti in 3 days but ideally 4 days is what is recommended. With 3,500m asl altitude, the terrain is tough for the faint hearted. The views from our places of stay are amazing. 3 Nights in Mud and 3 Nights in Langza is what our itinerary will look at.


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Generic Program detail

Places of Interest

  • Narkanda – Gateway to the middle and upper Himalayas in the state of HP.
  • Chitkul – The last village towards Tibet, closest we can be to the International border on this trip.
  • Mudh – An amazing town in the Pin Valley.
  • Kaza -The capital town of Spiti District.
  • Ki, Kibber – Monestries and rich cultural heritage to explore on our trip.
  • Chandratal – The moon shaped lake in the higher reaches of Himalayas, camping under the stars is an experience of lifetime.

Things one can do on this trip

  • If you are an adventure lover, the journey in itself is an adventure.
  • Take stunning images of the beautiful night sky with wildly changing vistas.
  • 4N 5D of deep space imaging from a fixed station while 9 nights of wide angle imaging session.
  • Visiting high mountain passes, seeing Snow covered peaks and transforming scenery every time, it’s time to experience the heavens on Earth.
  • You can choose to drive self or take public transport and enjoy 
  • Make memories and new friends.
  • Since the stay will be at a variety of places, there are no fixed details on this. Once the bookings are done, we can go ahead with these details.
  • Astronomy gear for visual observation and astrophotography with experts.
  • Astrophotography expertise on your own equipment.
  • Availability of special cameras and filters for your testing and imaging.
  • Usually cold to very cold. Nights can be freezing cold even in summer season. Carry heavy woollens with gloves, cap and woollen socks. Rainfall is rarely witnessed. An umbrella or plastic bags for your equipment might be a good idea to carry.
  • Carry heavy woollens.
  • Carry your Telescope, camera, all accessories and tripod (optional).
  • Carry your medicines, and other essential items. Make sure to carry Dimox or similar medicine as AMS can be fatal. 
  • Carry some snacks and chocolates for night munching and on the journey.
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